A Happy Family

December 16, 2011

Once upon a time, there’s this family named Yoon Family. Yoon Family is one of those happy family. There’s Yoon Papa, Yoon Mama, Yoon Son (excuse the unintentional pun) and Yoon Little Son. Yoon Papa and Yoon Mama decided that it’s the right time for them to announce their little happy family to the world–and Yoon Little Son needs to go public too–so they decided to take some pictures of their family.

YS: I want to take pictures like this, honey!
DJ: Alright baby. Do you agree, son? (again, excuse the unintentional pun)
DW: Of course, Papa.
DJ: Okay, call!

Come on baby, come to Mama 🙂

Awww, my baby >3<

DJ: Baby! Are you ready?!?! 8D
YS: Yah! /slaps his hubby/ You scared him! 😡
DW: Aaa, don’t cry brother, your handsome brother is here! >:)


Ah, ah the baby’s gonna cry!

Let the Male God Brother hug his little brother! 😡 Awww brother, don’t cry~

YS: Ah honey this is perfect ❤
DJ: I know baby /kisses
DW: Ugh /covers little brother’s eyes
LB (little brother): :3 /giggles

YS: Oh look what we have here!
DJ: Awww, our chibi ❤

DW: No Male God Brother?! Oh mannn 😡


LOL. Enough of me trolling 8D Here’s the special message for their little so–I mean, for the little baby ❤

Taehwan-ah! I’m sorry for making you cry so much. Always be healthy and happy, you will know how to become a man who knows how to love.^^

Hello! This is Yoseobie hyung! Thanks for laughing when I held you. Always be healthy and smile happily!! ^^ I love you~
~ Yoseobie-hyung

Hello Taehwan-ah~! I’m really sorry that “mom” does not know how to hold you. Right now I can hope to treasure your innocent/pure tears and laughter/smiles ^^
~ Dongwoonie Omma (mom)

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4 Responses to “A Happy Family”


  2. 0026myjeje said

    the story (and of course) the pics fit so much.. xDDDDDD
    brilliant.. lolololol

    happy family is family..
    i’m happy too~ :””””DDDD

  3. simpleasmiya said

    sorry for my too much imagination but i really love the last pic where dojoon stand beside his baby and i can see his hand at seobie’s stomach n my mind wonder where’s the other hand??? hehehehe

  4. ruby123 said

    hey,i was just wondering if u guys are gonna update since beast has comeback.please dont tell me this site…answer me?

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