you’re safe with me.

August 23, 2011


credit: ashouming@weibo


this is how it should be..

August 22, 2011

sometimes i wish beast could set their standing position permanently like this

yoseob looks so tiny and perfect with doojoon ;’)

and i know samsung ship the original3 too! LOL

credit: junlips@tumblr / originaly post here

hello peeps! its Bee here, i’ve been busy with school lately,  sorry that i couldn’t update on the wp as much as i wanted to T.T so i think i’m just gonna post all the pics in one go. ^^

i just love this pic soo much T.T

ofc our favorite moment from the favorite song ❤ doojoon’s happy hand 🙂

fancam here 😀

guess who’s splashing seobie in this one? 😉

lso these lovely gifs from exciting cube tv part 2

someone’s being a cockblock here? i see jealous!seob 😛

credits: neitoperhonen@tumblr + tinymadeleine@tumblr + + soulmate daum cafe + kwanglight@tumblr + applesncrack@tumblr + timetoseob@tumblr

hey everyone, its Bee here! and i’ll be posting here on dooseoblove from now on along with my dear Linda ^^ i hope you enjoy our posts as much as you do with aeda and alia unnies’ okay 😀

so i assume that many beast fans might have seen this anime before, if not, its called ‘ouran high school host club’ you can watch it online at :pp

recently there’s a live action in japanese version as well! but if one day it heppens that there will be a korean version of its live action, we all know who will play the perfect honey-senpai and mori senpai right?


and last time when i was exploring dooseob vids on youtube, i found this osm fanmade video!

so what do you think? ^^

credit: duseopbest@weibo,