Closer… closer…

August 29, 2011

I’m so happy ❤ /flies to DooSeob heaven

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you’re safe with me.

August 23, 2011


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this is how it should be..

August 22, 2011

sometimes i wish beast could set their standing position permanently like this

yoseob looks so tiny and perfect with doojoon ;’)

and i know samsung ship the original3 too! LOL

credit: junlips@tumblr / originaly post here

It’s one of those days..

August 22, 2011

when Yoseob came closer and Doojoon wanted to high-five with him but he refused because he wanted to dance with the older boy but Doojoon just went straight to hug him…

It’s one of those days when my inner fangirl screamed so loud and does a random ssanti dance and jumps so high because KSJDKASJDKASJDKA DOOSEOB I CANNOT EVEN JDJAKDJKASJDKSAJ.


cr. o-asis@tumblr

hello peeps! its Bee here, i’ve been busy with school lately,  sorry that i couldn’t update on the wp as much as i wanted to T.T so i think i’m just gonna post all the pics in one go. ^^

i just love this pic soo much T.T

ofc our favorite moment from the favorite song ❤ doojoon’s happy hand 🙂

fancam here 😀

guess who’s splashing seobie in this one? 😉

lso these lovely gifs from exciting cube tv part 2

someone’s being a cockblock here? i see jealous!seob 😛

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hey everyone, its Bee here! and i’ll be posting here on dooseoblove from now on along with my dear Linda ^^ i hope you enjoy our posts as much as you do with aeda and alia unnies’ okay 😀

so i assume that many beast fans might have seen this anime before, if not, its called ‘ouran high school host club’ you can watch it online at :pp

recently there’s a live action in japanese version as well! but if one day it heppens that there will be a korean version of its live action, we all know who will play the perfect honey-senpai and mori senpai right?


and last time when i was exploring dooseob vids on youtube, i found this osm fanmade video!

so what do you think? ^^

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Hellu~~ OTP!

August 13, 2011

Hellu everyone ^________^

I’m one of the new admin in DooSeobLove 🙂 My name is Linda, and I love Beast–and OTP ❤ Been loving these dorks since their debut days, and I love all of them equally ❤ OT6 yo ^___^ I’m Indonesian. I ramble a lot and stutter a lot even when I type LOL. And I abuse emoticons a lot too kekekekeke. Uh…well I hope you guys would enjoy this page and feel free to leave us comments and spazz with us okay!

So boring introduction, check ;P

Now let’s say hellu too to OTP! ❤

Out of all people around the globe, Doojoon chooses Yoseob’s name. Why? 😉  Hmmm I see you /grins

Yoseob says hellu to the fans! With his boyfriend’s help of course 😉 Look, how happy they are awwww ❤ And we have gifs for this!


++ bigger version here, thanks for the tip, Taka! ❤



credits :: mischievousxiah1@YT, shinhdeplol2@YT, yoseob@tumblr, yosoon@tumblr

Waving goodbye

August 5, 2011

Hello everyone.

So, this is going to be our last post. We will officially leave this page , and this is something which is really hard for me to do because I am so attach of this place. It has been my playground for a while, me and my twin. Yes this is a goodbye post from us to everyone :’)

After 1 year plus running this page, we decide to leave this page because it’s pretty hard to keep up with the postings anymore. Besides, a lot of things have changed,  both of us have to move on toward something that are more important in our life.

It has been an amazing moment running this wordpress. I will never forget this fandom, which will always give joy to my heart, leaving me smiling all alone. It still makes me smiling when I make the last photo spam. Dooseob fandom is such a wonderful fandom.  I met a lot of amazing friends through this fandom ( you guys know who you are, my Dooseoblove family, love you guys ). I got to meet Yoseob and  I got to meet his mom too, I got to meet new Dooseob fan when I travel , really this fandom is amazing. Leaving this page is really not easy for me.

We will pass over this page to our new moderator, our beloved frieinds,  Linda and Bee. Linda is the creator and the winner of our Dooseoblove banner contest, and Bee is our Dooseob paparazzi. She is amazing in making GIFs and stalking photos of our OTP. I believe they will do amazing job for this wordpress. Please support them okay!

Thank you for supporting us from day one.

Love, aeda.

Dooseob@Shanghai Fansign

August 5, 2011

Goodbye OTP..this is my last post spam of you guys :’)

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